Thursday, January 1, 2009

Economy super saver? Should I buy this ticket? I really want to see my fiance..

Economy super saver? Should I buy this ticket? I really want to see my fiance...?
I moved to plano TX for college, she lives in Millington TN so itd be dallas to memphis flight I see tickets for like $139?? is this real? Its called the Economy super saver..sorry this is my first time flying also say the ticket is $139 what else would I need to pay for concerning the flight? and can i like pay online? or like how does it work?
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Go see her, she is worth it isn't she?
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"Economy Super Saver" is the generic terminology used on by American Airlines for its restricted coach tickets. Typically, the ticket will be refundable and has a $150 change fee that is charged in the event that you need to change your date. I'd also note that the $139 price you're seeing is probably the one-way price -- American's website prices round-trip tickets based on the cost for each direction, so there would be an additional charge for your return flight. In addition, there will be certain fees and taxes added onto the price -- typically, for a domestic trip on AA, those fees will be an additional $30 to $40, depending on the itinerary. Once you've selected your flights and gotten the total price after tax, you can then pay for the ticket online using a credit card or PayPal, or you can place the reservation on hold and purchase it up to 24 hours later.
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I believe that is a one-way price and does not include taxes. Go to and go to Flights. Enter the dates you want to travel, and it will give you roundtrip prices including taxes. If you have a friend who has booked airline tickets online, ask them for help. It is not that easy to do if you are a first timer. You can drive it in about 7 and a half hours.