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Relocating to Dallas from CA ... Neighborhoods I should check out? Single 27 yo female with a dog, no kids.

Relocating to Dallas from CA ... Neighborhoods I should check out? Single 27 yo female with a dog, no kids.?
I'm relocating from the OC to Dallas and freaking myself out at night. Couldn't sleep had to come post. Part of the issue is I have no destined permanent address which bothers me. The company is providing 30 days of temporary housing ... so I have some time to make a decision. But my experience of Dallas, has only been DFW airport a connecting flight to Kansas. And I said yes a week ago. And I start in two weeks. I'd like a decent (under 30 minute) commute to work in West Plano, 75093 zip code. However, I would like to avoid yuppie suburbia-ville at $1100-1500 bucks across the street and save some money. I love intimate downtown/uptown neighborhoods. The tree lined streets with 1920s bungalows where all the conveniences are within walking/biking distance ... grocery store, post office, restaurants, gym, a park, library, nightlife etc ... Bohemian, random than politically correct and perfectly cosmetic ... Kind of want to walk out the door at 6am or 10pm and still have life on the streets, makes me feel safer. I'm prone to random walks to 7-11 or any late night place where I can get a coffee between the hours of 10pm and 5 am. I thought about downtown Dallas but they say that commute is like an hour ... which I'm kinda out on ... Otherwise excited and still can't sleep. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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You can find what you are looking for in West Plano. Uptown would probably fit your requests, but the commute is going to be too long. Most of Dallas is not a walking neighborhood, and very few places have life outside late at night.
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West Plano is like moving to Irvine. East Plano is like moving to an older part of Costa Mesa. Small 3-bedroom 2-bathroom homes built by Fox & Jacobs in the early 1970's. Downtown Plano has cute, old buildings, but by 10pm the place is a ghost town. There isn't much of a Bohemian vibe within 30 minutes of where you'll be working. Addison Circle is a walkable development in Addison, TX although it qualifies as yuppie suburbia-ville. Lower Greenville Avenue around the 'M' Streets and Lakewood sound like the perfect neighborhoods for you. The area is older and they have bungalow homes and mature trees. Plus, nightlife, shopping and White Rock Lake, which is a nice park. The area is artsy and liberal. If you don't mind gay people than Oak Lawn is another cute neighborhood. They are at least an hour drive each way in Rush Hour traffic though. You wouldn't necessarily save any money living in that area since the price of gas is going up again. All of those neighborhoods are walkable, although not safe enough to walk by yourself at 3am. Wherever you have a lot of bars you'll have drunk idiots.
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The only place I would recommend to my daughter, if she were single and 27 and moving to Dallas, is the neighborhood known as Uptown. It is a mecca for young folks with college/jobs and will provide proximity to a nightlife. The commute rots no matter what - it is the price you pay for living in a pit like Dallas - suburban sprawl on steroids. Uptown tries to cure some of that. Good luck.
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If you are not wanting a long commute for now I would just choose the Frisco area as well as west plano. At least for 6 months until you become familiar with the city. Checkout the shops of legacy.. really nice. or Allen you can get on the the tollway and your commute would be less than an hour. I have a friend who lives vue lower greenville that's a nice apartment community.
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